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Monday, March 28, 2011

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
v Case; St"? “1·c&»’—012S5~R’%lf)H REE Qmcument Fiieacj O5£1G.·"i‘i Pazga 2 mf Li Lcd sys - LLC March 28, 20-11 Via Federal Exgress San Diego, CA 92101. Dear- `````````````````````````` ` Re: Infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 5,999,908, 7,133,834, 7,222,078, and 7,520,555 (Abelcw) Lodsys, LLC a Texas limited liability company is the uwner of United States Patents 5,999,908, 7,133,834, 7,222,078, and 7,520,565 (thc "Lcdsys Patents"}. The Lndsys Patents are directed to systems and methods for providers of products and/ur services tu interact with users of those products and services to gather information from those users and transmit that information ta the provider. Attached is a complete copy of the ’908 patent as well as certain pages ¤f the ‘S34, 'DYS, and ’555 patents for your review. The inventions described by these patents are used by companies to interact with users of their products and services to, among other things: • provide amine hem, customer support, and tutorials • conduct online subscription renewals . • provide for online purchasing of consumable supplies • survey users for their impressions cf their products and services • assist customers tc: customize their products and services • display interactive cmiine advsertisenmnts • collect information on how users actually use their products and services • sell upgrades or complimentary products • maintain products by providing users notice ¤f available updates and assisting in the installation of those updates. Some of the benefits companies receive from using these inventions are; • increased product saies {of consumables, subscriptions, and complementary products} • increased additional revenues (of in-prod uct digital items and interactive advertising) • more efficient design nf subsequent products [through faster time to market, better targeted features, and the ability to interactively update products in the field) • greater customer satisfaction (both in terms of future product development as a result uf consumer input and through keeping products up t0 date or providing more effective online help resources in a mst efficient manner). 505 Easx Travis Street | Sulce 207 | MarshatI‘U< 75630 | www.l¤dsys,com _ l Case Sit ‘i ·cv~O‘l 2S5~‘iNC2l—i REE Basement M5 Fiied 0631 Bit? Fage 3 of fl Loclsys LLC The inventions detailed in the various claims of these patents were developed by Daniel Ahelow, an expert in usability and in the organization, presentation, and incorporation, of information in websites, products, services, and enterprise systems. Dan earned a Bacheiors of Science in Economics degree from the Wharton School of Business at the university of Pennsylvania in 1971 and a masters degree from Harvard University, which included graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As an independent consultant on presenting information via the internet. Dan's clients have included companies such as Accenture, Agilent Technologies, Cisco, Harvard Business School, IBM, and Lotus Development. T0 date, companies including - Adobe, American Express, Apple, eBay, Google, Intuit, Microsoft, Nokia, Nokia-Siemens. Nvidia. Sony, $¤ny·Ericsson, Verizon, Yahoo and several other Fortune 1000 companies - have chosen to license the Lodsys Patents. Based on Lodsys' review, this letter constitutes our notice that infringing at least claim 1 of us 7,520,565 and claim 1 or us 1,222,0vs as at relates to The Lcdsys ticensing Opportunity Lodsys' patented technology provides numerous benefits to your company by reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing revenues, and providing customer data and impressions that allow you to build more effective and relevant products faster and with greater certainty of meeting rea! customer needs. This is made possibie by your collection of customer product usage details, demographic information, impressions on the usefuiness of features or relevance of advertisements, and desires to customize your products or services and in what manner. it further occurs through the sale of consumable supplies and product upgrades or enhancements, the sale of complementary products, sales of subscription renewals, the provision of online support (to discover what customers do not understand or are having troubles with), and in product lor in website) customer satisfaction surveys and interactive advertising. These actions among many other instances of customer data collection, provide you with the opportunity to sell more products and services, build new versions faster in a competitive marketplace, have greater relevancy of your products and services (leading to greater customer satisfaction and greater brand value). We are interested in raching a negotiated norviitigation licensing arrangement with you for all uses of the Lodsys Patents and would like to discuss this matter with you within 21 days of your receipt ot this Ietteri Please contact the undersigned at your earliest convenience to address this matter. Lodsys, LLC Loclsys is a iimited liability company based in Marshall, Texas. We have retained the Hrrns of Kelley, Donion, Gill, Huck & Goldfarb PLLC (www.kdg-iaw.coin) based in Seattle, Washington, and The Davis 505 East Travis Street | Suite 207 | MarshallTK756?¤ I www.I¤dsys.c¤m · ' Case; St"? “1·c&»’—012S5~R’%lf)H REE §T}<>c2,:mesm Fiieacj O5£1G.·"i‘i Page L2 of fs ’ · Lodsys LLC Firm, P.C. (www.bdfirm.c0m) based in Longview, Texas, to assist the company in the licensing of the Lodsys Patents. Sincerely, _» [ » /A··/[ ,/ / ·/ f` L_/f»' J 5 u,La_,4_.__> , { Mark Small, CEO Lcd sys, LLC Mark.5malI@ Locisysmm [903} 935-3202 Enclcsu res (4) Notice Lcdsys {LC reserves ai! nghrs. wim regard tc the 'SIUE, ’H3¢. @78, and '555 uatents, inciuding: (1) the right tu seek damages arwiime within the Fast sm years that yum company started to make use uf L¤d<.ys‘ palenlsd Lechnnluy; (2) the right m change its myalw rates at any time; [3} the righi tc change this Izcensing program at any time without notice, inckuding variance ID conform ta applicable laws. Vuu should nut rs-ly on any cnrnmunlmtlun or lack of cnmmuninarmn from Lsdws. Ke\$sv, Damon. Gill. Huck Ha Gmdfarb PLLC, ur The Davis Farm Gruup as a relinquishment ofarw nf mdsys’ rwghts. 505 East Travis Street { Suite ZG? { Marshall TX 75670 § www.I¤dsys.¤¤m
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505 East Travis Street
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Marshall, TX 75670
United States

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