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The goal of Trolling Effects is to provide information and create transparency regarding the activities of patent assertion entities. By posting demand letters, however, we are not authenticating them, or making any judgment on the validity of the claims they make, or the nature of the sender. The fact that a letter has been posted on this site is not an assertion that the sender is a “patent troll” (indeed, there is no single accepted definition of a patent troll), nor is it an affirmation that the sender has done anything illegal, unethical, or improper.

Since the purpose of Trolling Effects is to create transparency, we will not remove demand letters simply because the sender prefers that the letter not be made public.

If your name or that of your organization appears in our database of letters, and you believe that the letter is fraudulent (for example, if your organization did not send the letter or if the text has been substantively altered), please notify us at demands@trollingeffects.org. If the letter proves to be fraudulent, we will remove it. 

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