Patent #US8117045

Patent Title: 
Method and system for providing online medical records
Patent Abstract: 
A method for providing a consumer with the ability to access and collect health records associated with the consumer through use of a consumer account is provided. The method includes assigning a destination address individually associated with the consumer account for receiving communications from at least one healthcare provider, associating access information with the consumer account for the consumer to use to access a secure web site, the communications including a health record associated with the consumer for which the consumer has requested and given permission to the healthcare provider to send, storing a representation of the health record, and providing the consumer with secure access to the web site using the access information and providing on the web site an interface to the health records of the consumer for the consumer to use. The destination address can be a phone number or an email address. The web site also provides for storing, organizing, annotating documents, uploading documents (including vital documents) by the consumer, and providing additional layers of security to particular documents.
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