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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013
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i `Z in r‘‘'' ‘ iwvnreness tlcsponse tjonrrol _2¤¤ it Attn: i)l!l'Cl]2`iSlIl|Y Aichi Utility Associates, Inc. ("Utility") is the owner of Boykin United States Patent No. 6,831,556 (thc "Boykin potent'*) (attached). The Boykin patent relates to mobile video surveillance systems and methods. Utility has successfully manrrlscuired and sold sr mobile video surveil.lsnce system that is covered by the Boykin potent. Consequently, the Boykin patent hss enjoyed rr high degree ofcommerciai success, and il major mobile video surveillance system provider has nlrendy paid lor a license under the Boykin pstcnt. As your office considers the purchase ofrnobilc video surveillance systems for its public sntety operations, you should consider the consequences of purchasing such mobile video surveillance systems from third parties that are not licensed under the Boykin potent. if your office purchases mobile video surveillance systems that are covered b· the claims of the Boykin potent and that nrc not licensed under the Boykin patent, the ts liable for patent irilringenient as a result of the use of such infringing mobile video surveillnnee systems. lndingentent may subject the to an injunction against further use of the infringing mobile video surveillance systems und may result in an sword ol` damages not less than ar rezrsonablc royalty, treble damages, attorney tees, nnd prejudgmcnt interest. Moreover, Utility is entitled to collect dunno es directly from the user of the infringing mobile video surveillance systems leaving the hleft with wlistevcr value any indemnity from the seller of the im‘i·inging mobile video surveillance systems might he worth if` the seller does not have substantial financial resources. Tlie-rel`ore, in order to avoid the adverse consequences that may result from the purchase of infringing and unlicensed mobile surveillance systems, your oftice should consider purchasing its mobile video surveillance system needs from Utility. Sincerely, fg Robert S. McKeeman Clurirman and CEO ¤¤¤= Smith, Gzrmbrell & Russell 1484 Brockett Road Tucker, GA 30084 utilitycom
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1484 Brockett Road
Tucker, GA 30084
United States

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Composite mobile digital information system
Patent number: US6831556
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