Patent #US7886008

Patent Title: 
System and method for verifying delivery and integrity of electronic messages
Patent Abstract: 
A first party (e.g. educational testing service) provides through the internet to a control server information (e.g. test server) relating to a second party (e.g. a student taking tests prepared by the service). The server provides and may store a verification (e.g. an encrypted digital signature) of, but does not store, the second party information. The server transmits the information and the verification through the internet to the second party. The second party transmits to the server through the internet the information and the verification with a request to transmit the information to a designated third party (e.g. a college or university to which the student has applied for admission). The server authenticates the information through verification comparisons (or through comparison of the information with the reconstruction and decryption of the verification) and transmits the information, authenticated by the server and the testing service, to the third party.
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