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Friday, January 24, 2014

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014
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‘·~» * *\ s Y VR ¥ a \$\§ eg * ee emo wm f¥{`§i Y sx ue .................. .................. Office; 9*2-3334604 _ \__ __ \__ QW \ ____b__ ___ Facsiuxile 972-SM-{3900 e¤m;1;_ `Nelteifee vmww,1xiIaw;&m1.c0m Jauuaxy 24, 2014 Y _ ma FIRST (`LASS`MC4IL & EMEIIL Re 2***3 — C¤nHde¤ti:1l Settlement Commxmicmion Pursuant tu Rule 408 Dwi This firm represents Reemi!kiE` LLC {"Ree1uifl\-[E"} cwner and epemier uf www1`eemitmebeTe.c0m. R€C111i{I\·iE desires to Kicemse United Siaies Patent 5,623·m66{) {The `"660 Paa¥eu¥"). The ’66G Patent covers systems for regulating access 1*0 a data base and ]){O1l1·()YiUfg erapmxsion ef the data base as pan of such reguiatien. Before either pany expenxds cmxsidetahie resources; Rec1‘uitME desires tc: discuss a reasmxabie resclufimx 0f its claims against _ and is prepared to meet and center te exchange iuibnmetien uecessmjv fbi ReemitME and - te evaluate this ease. Such A liee11si11g meeting would inv0§ve zu CGllEdEIlTiE`\l Rule 403 discussion ef RecmitME’s analysis, Please let me bmw by Febmery ?_ BGM Bllléllfiblé $0 such a meeting. Regards
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8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 310
Dallas, TX 75231
United States

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System for regulating access to data base for purposes of data base management
Patent number: US5623660
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