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Friday, January 24, 2014

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Thursday, January 30, 2014
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1 8140 Walnut Hill Lane, Ste 310 Dallas, TX 75231 Office: 972-331-4604 Facsimile 972-314-0900 Emaili_ Website: www.nilawfirrn.corn January 24, 2014 M _ VIA FIRST CLASS MAIL & EMAIL _ _ _ _ _ R¢= iMLE-D-T¤X- 2013 - Confidential Settlement Communication Pursuant to Rule 408 D€=¤M» This firm represents RecruitME, LLC ("RecruitME") owner and operator of RecruitME desires to license United States Patent No. 5,623,660 (the "’660 Patent"). The ’660 Patent covers systems for regulating access to a data base and promoting expansion of the data base as part of such regulation. Before either party expends considerable resources, RecruitME desires to discuss a reasonable resolution of its claims against _ and is prepared to meet and confer to exchange information necessary for RecruitME and - - to evaluate this case. Such a licensing meeting would involve a confidential Rule 408 discussion of RecruitME’s analysis. Please let me know by February 7, 2014 if- is amenable to such a meeting. Reiards -
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8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 310
Dallas, TX 75231
United States

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System for regulating access to data base for purposes of data base management
Patent number: US5623660
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