Patent #US7068151

Patent Title: 
Vehicle security system
Patent Abstract: 
A remote watch (FIG. 7) design for a car security system, comprising of a display screen and base 706 with keypad 704. A user of the remote watch will not only be able to keep track of the time but also will be able to arm/lock, disarm/unlock and remotely start their vehicle by pushing specific buttons on the watch. It is common for people to lose or misplace their keys along with the keyless remote that is attached to the keys. Since the watch is placed on the users wrist, the user never has to worry about damage due to dropping it on a hard surface, in liquids (ex. water), or even losing their keyless remote as you would by having a keyless remote attached to keys or a key chain. If the user ever loses their keys, the remote watch will now allow the user to still have access to their vehicle without their keys, thus giving the user the freedom to store an extra set of keys in their vehicle in case they lose the original ones.
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